Balancing time against the lives of the myriad trapped Starfinders, nominated First Seeker Luwazi Elsebo authorizes a dangerous mission to return to the fated region of space known as the Scoured Stars. The might of the resurgent Society is finally poised to breach the formerly impenetrable barrier surrounding the trinary system. The galaxy pauses to watch if a new generation of Starfinders can save those once lost. A mission of exploration and a mission of mercy, this return to the Scoured Stars will undoubtedly shape the future of the Starfinder Society.

They Soceity launched a major rescue operation into the Scoured Stars. Bypassing the shielding around the system, the Starfinder Society returned to rescue their lost companions from untold hardships across the Scoured Stars. First Seeker Jadnura was among those rescued over the course of these missions. However, during this momentous rescue, a new alien threat emerged. Known as the jinsuls, these aliens came in vast numbers and seized the Scoured Stars in a single decisive battle that forced the Starfinder Society to abandon its rescue operations and retreat with the agents they managed to save. The Starfinder Society has left the Scoured Stars but a new threat, the jinsuls, now dwells within that distant region of space. Knowing little of this alien threat, the Society has returned to its primary goal of exploration and the acquisition of information. Many within the Society’s upper leadership have begun assembling the best of the best field agents for important missions to learn more about the jinsuls and continue unraveling the mysteries of the Scoured Stars!