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Dead to Rights
Dead Suns

The party enters what appears to be a tropy room. Waiting in the room are 3 horrors. After quickly dispatching the first, the group slowly hacks away at the other two and eventually bests both of them. T’sel detects that all four “Trophys”, magically in nature and the party begins to slowly examine and identify what they are. After 3 failed aattemps to open the trophy cases, the group manages to open and take an MK3 stone. The group then quickly heads over to and begins successfully hacking open the Command and Control doorway. Inside the party finds 3 rows of computer displays along with two more horrors, the ship captain and a science officer. The party has a bit of a difficult time overcoming the undead occupying the room but eventually manages to put all 4 down. The group than moves to the other door in the room and after a few tries, manages to open the door and they enter into what finally seems to be the ships bridge.
The computer controls are all occupied by zombies, but they appear to pay no attention to the group as it as they enter the room. Serovox greets the party as he is impressed we made it this far. After a little banter asking serovox a few questions, two horros enter the room and begin to attack along with the gatecrasher and Serovox. Serovox manages to trap Skykiller in a wall of force isolating him from the rest of the party. The party struggles during the battle and are fighting to stay alive. T’sel manages to free Skykiller and the group finally manages to defeat the admiral without loosing any lives.
With very little time remaining, Stardust directs the massive ship into the gate as the rest of the group manages to escape using the avaiable escape pods. Although there is not nearly enough oxygen to survive the return back, T’sels healing is enough to keep everyone alive as the gate is destroyed and the remaining 3 just barely are able to return.

Runaway Train
Dead Suns

00.0786.27.355.84 AUDIO LOG
[Transcription Begins]
Five down at the station before we boarded the train, they tired to fight, but their rifles weren’t enough, though one of those fuckers had nasty shots. Left me feeling real stiff…

I’m honestly not sure how this is going to turn out… might all die. We’ve got to fucking stop this weapon though, if these fucks get their hands on it… don’t even want to think on it.

Train ride was pretty intense, had trouble hacking the train to get it started, old OS I think, you already know that though… A moment before we got started another security train showed up.

Wasn’t a big deal though, I’m a better driver then these boners. Heh…. Fuck that’s a bad joke.

I must be exhausted…. Luce, if things look like their going poorly… well… you know the protocol, not sure why I’m bothering…

I really hope we don’t have too many more creatures to deal with before we can wrest control of this place. The three Ellicoth were fucking horrifying enough. Pretty sure I’m still sick from the radiation…

We managed to put them down though, now the alarms are blaring everywhere and well… not far to go now. This might be my last entry Luce….

Locked door ahead, should lead us to the control center of this warship, all that’s left to do is break in, take control and send this mile long missile into the super weapon, then maybe pray it’s enough.

[Transcription Ends]

Mass Graves
Dead Suns

stardust.jpgKal has exited the ship into the hanger and gets blaster by a death ray. A small, fighter ship in the hangar is alerted to our intrusion and begins to point his hovering craft towards us. T’sel reacts quickly, blasting the ship with his phaser because the pilot has too much cover to effectively target. The vessel seems to absorb his energy beam. Stardust casts a spell and nanobots surround the fighter, granting the party attack and defense benefits. The battle continues and it’s not looking good for the Starfinders. The enemy craft is barely showing any damage and Stardust just got blasted by the vehicle’s heavy laser cannon. Kal and Lil’ Dicky pool their efforts to hack the systems to benefit our situation and have success in manipulating the crane to strike the fighter ship. T’sel gives us cover with a fog cloud as Stardust casts a spell of corrosive acid to melt the ship. Kal and Lil’ Dicky successfully breach the control panel firewall and engage the fighter auto-dock sequence and the ship moves into it’s hanger dock and corrodes rapidly as it’s held in place by the dock mechanism.

Kal and Dicky report that we need to access a different control panel to get information because this military ship has compartmentalized access. The group moves down a hallway stopping at the first door which Kal quickly hacks open. It’s hard to determine what the purpose of this room is. It’s almost a lair of some kind… our lack of knowledge about Eoxean culture doesn’t help much. Taking caution, the party leaves the room and moves further down the hall to the next room. Upon Lil’ Dicky hacking the door and it sliding open, it’s immediately obvious what this room is for. It’s the brig and the four cells within it are empty with their doors slightly ajar. Moving in, the group finds a handful of dead bodies near the guard desk area. It looks like some prisoners escaped and overcame the prison guards… but died in the struggle. While the Starfinders are investigating the area, the dead prisoners (dwarves, apparently) rise and mindlessly attack. Tough fight, but the undead dwarves succumb in the end. After looting the bodies, the boarding party continues down the hall.

The next room we enter seems to be some kind of garbage room so we pass it by and move on to the next. It’s locked, so Lil’ Dicky tries to hack it. Surprisingly, he has difficulty bypassing the security and it triggers a localized alarm. A doorway down the hall further flings open and four security robots pour into the hallway, much like liquid. They begin firing their laser rifles at us. Stardust charges forward and casts an Arcing Surge from her iPhone Lightning port. The robots seem to be vulnerable to the electricity as they begin to glitch from the surge. It’s too little too late, however, as energy beams from the robots rip through her armor and drop her unconscious. The group continues their hallway defense and begins taking out the security drones. T’sel, next to the door we were initially hacking, continues the circumvention and gains access to the door. As it slides open, a torture room is revealed that looks like a particularly nasty experience for any captives (which there are none). The torture master is in the room and he moves towards the door and begins attacking both T’sel and Lil’ Dicky. T’sel can hardly breath under the spell of some supernatural effect the torture master possesses. Kal scores a bullseye with his attack against the torture master and he staggers back in pain. Lil’ Dicky follow up with a lethal shot, killing the torture master while T’sel brings Stardust back to consciousness via his healing powers. The Starfinders don’t waste any time taking out the remaining robots and stack up around the next door.

As the door is opened, it looks like it’s a central control room of some kind. Cybernetic zombies are plugged into the computer panels all around the room. They don’t react to our presence so a thorough search of the control center ensues. T’sel finds a thumb drive behind a secret panel in the floor. It gives Kal access to the information he was looking for with no resistance to speak of. Moving on down the hall, the last door is opened revealing the commander of the Eoxean dreadnought. The frightening visage of the undead commander causes the Starfinders to tremble in fear. Stardust rushes in commanding that the commander join the Starfinders. As she approaches, the commander blasts Stardust right in the face with her pistols killing her point blank… no mercy. The party doesn’t need the science officer to win this fight though.. it’s still three on one and the TPK threat is low. Eventually, the commander is struck down via T’sel’s healing magic (which negatively affects undead). The group accesses the control podium and gets a detailed map of the massive ship (literally like 10 miles long). They tried to get a hidden file but didn’t have the technical skill and the thumb drive began purging itself. With the map, the group knows how to get to the control room. When they moved to the gravity train, they open the door to find some guards that immediately spring into action, attacking.

Close to the Bone
Dead Suns

The group stands in the control room as an alarm sounds Gate begins to open showing the Stellar Degenerator. At the same time, an Eoxian Starship heads towards the Starfinders towards the control room. The group decides to hide outside in the tree line in hopes of stealing the ship. Once the ship lands, multiple squads exit and head into the control room leaving a few soldiers to guard the ship. The Starfinders are able to dispatch of the guards and take command of the ship before reinforcements arrive a head towards the rest of the fleet.

As they head towards the see Corpse Fleet Lead by the “Empire of Bones” as the fleet takes damage from the Stellar Degenerator’s defenses. The group heads out to join the fleet disguised as just another Eoxian ship. They manage to bluff their way to the Lead fleet ship into its hangar bay. Once the ship lands in the hangar Kal slips out invisible to sneak to the bridge to try to disable the camaras. Once entering the bridge, he trips a death ray and gets blasted. A random fighter gets his ship going and notices the large ship docked in the wrong bay and begins hailing the ship to decern its issue. The remaining crew unsuccessfully tries to mask its real purpose alarming the Eoxian ship to the farce.

Opening the Gate
Dead Suns

As soon as we descend the elevator, we are attacked by a group of cultists and a shade. After dispatching two of the four cultists, Deldreg the butcher, who has been empowered via metagaming enters the room. After a difficult battle, they are all defeated. The party then starts to take a short rest to recovery when a loud exploision is heard from above and the room shakes. After the party recovers, they descend down the stairs where they find a Ysoki tinkering away with a bunch of robotic parts strewn about on the tables along with two cultists whos guns are drawn and grenades in hand. Kal jumps on the computer after the last cultist falls to try and gather some informtation.

The party then proceeds down the hallway to search the additional rooms. The first door refuses to open. As we enter the next room, there are two members of the swarm in some type of stasis. Knowing the dangers they can bring, we shut off their life support and continue on. The room at the end of the hallway appears to already be ransacked though the group manages to find a hidden compartment. The group moves back to the other end of the corridor and down into the large room to the south with double doors.

Upon entering the large room , an android stands at the back of the room along with four maintenance bots hovering about. Another long battle ensues but the party once again stands victorious. We retrieve the necessary control board and head towards the exit. We discovered that the explosion was unfortunatly our ship, beyond repair in a reasonable amount of time, we end up finding and taking the cultist ship covered in blood and bodies. Its barely able to make the flight but we arrive safely and hand over the control board.

Alarms unfortunatley start alarming and the gate of the 12 suns begin to open and a huge armada of eoxian ships being to arrive along with their flagship.

Last Gasps
Dead Suns

00.0786.27.241.28 AUDIO LOG
[Transcription Begins]
So get this, Luce…

We were clearing out the troops on the main level before we dealt with the rogue A.I. that was fucking with the place, and this little fucking rat thought he could take us…

He was tinkering with a bunch of bots that he used to help him try, but the big one went down as soon as I opened the asshole’s throat. After I dealt with the remaining drones we found the computer core where the real asshole was messing up the place. As soon as we try and stop him, he zaps us and fries half the shit in the core.

We pressed on, finding the main group. I think these lunatics actually enjoy when we kill them…. idiots.

This is when shit got dangerous. The big bug used his mysticism to speed us up and give me some serious wall climbing. I darted in and regretted it immediately, but the lunatics and their shades didn’t stand a fucking chance, between the wrench-jockey’s disintegrating shotgun, the technophobic computer girl’s cold gun and my laser pistol, we took them all down.

And well…. you know how much ass we kicked when it came to hacking that rogue A.I. out, much credit to you, my dear Luce.

I did have to jury rig a few things afterwards, since the asshole fried us again, but we reinstated the uncorrupted A.I. and he pointed us to the rest of the bastards. Seems like they got some bots and are making progress still. We slowed them down, but we’ve got to track down the rest and destroy the weapon.

After what Osteth described… the horrors this weapon is capable of…

I just hope we’re in time…
[Transcription Ends]

00.0786.27.273.33 AUDIO LOG
[Transcription Begins]

Fuck… fuck… fuck! Fuck!! Fuck! FUCK!!!

’*’*Non-Standard Non-Verbal Audio Analysis:: ferric layer compression and rupture:: Diagnostic – substantial starship damage’*’*

Fuck…. ’*’deep exhale’*’

Well… we’re still mostly in one piece. Pretty sure we don’t need whatever it is we left on the side of the wall there.

[Transcription Ends]

00.0786.27.274.35 AUDIO LOG
[Transcription Begins]
And here we go… into the belly of the beast.

Damn it… more of these lunatics. Hope they enjoy dying as much as the others.
[Transcription Ends]

Countdown to Oblivion
Dead Suns


The Starfinders are headed to the first planetoid. Running some scans, we see many ruins and an intact structure on the equator. The gravitational pull makes landing difficult but our pilot Kal and co-pilot T’sel find a landing pad nearby the structure. There is a path to the structure that we head down, lined by jungle on both sides. Something large is lurking in the forest up ahead. Lil Dicky pulls out his sniper rifle and takes aim. T’sel casts a spell and sends a yellow/red wisp into the forest to see what happens. A bulbous creature with two drooling mouths charges out of the foliage. The group opens fire on the creature with deadly accuracy as Kal and Lil Dicky draw first blood. Stardust supercharges Lil Dicky’s weapon for a second shot and the additional power brings the creature down, falling right at our feet.

We make it to the structure. The door appears to have been blown open by some massive explosion. Vegetation covers the outside of the structure, but the special alloy used in its construction seems to have held up well against the ravages of time. Inside are three cultists torturing a dog like creature. The Starfinders sneak up on them and begin their assault. It’s a back and forth battle but the Starfinders disintegrate the enemies with their blasters.

Moving further into the structure, Lil’ Dicky hacks a control panel and a hologram of an alien general appears and tells us that the programming of an AI has gone erroneous. He tells us of an android named Null 9 who commands the marauders who have infiltrated the structure searching for the Stellar Degenerator. He shows us on a map the location of the control center where we can alter the programming back to normal and free him from his confinement.

Moving down the corridor, the group decides to deal with any remaining guards in the barracks prior to confronting the rogue AI. The Starfinders crack the door open and toss in a bunch of grenades, surprising them with several incendiary explosions. They toss some back causing the group to reel in pain as the flames burn at their feet, but T’sel uses some of his healing to minimize the damage. It’s a nasty battle against the cultists of the Devourer but the party makes it through and T’sel boosts everyone’s health post-battle.

Static Suns
Dead Suns

Gate_of_the_12_Suns.pngTasked with finding an ancient alien superweapon our group travels deep into the Vast to Quillis.pngfind The Gate of the Twelve Suns, a Kishalee Mega Structure, to keep the whereabouts of the Stellar Degenerator hidden from those with bad intentions. During the trip our heroes come upon a cloud of space dust and encounter an Anhamut Inevitable named Quillis. The Anhamut seemed to be out of sorts, so T’Sel tried to help him but instead was attacked by Quillis. We had no choice but to defend ourselves from this foreign being. Eventually we were able to subdue him and remove whatever affliction had a hold of him. Thankful for helping him he warned of some heavy gravitation anomalies that made navigation difficult due to the Kishalee Mega Structure and this disturbance made it impossible to drift. He eventually offers some formulas that allow the Starfinders to chart a course to the Gate of the Twelve Suns.

The_Jangley_Man.pngUpon reaching the Gate they are immediately approached by three ships. The Jangly Man hails the Sunrise Maiden from the Singularity, one of the three cult ships. After a series of threats and insults a Starship battle ensues. After some skilled engineering at the hands of Lil’ Dickey and “some” help from the others, they disable the Singularity and dispatch the other two ships. They soon discover that the Singularity has a beacon transmitting a distress message to other Cult of the Devourer ships. They decide to board the Singularity and disable the distress beacon in lieu of an “All Clear” transmission. Upon boarding the ship they search high and low for the beacon but instead find several dead crew members many of which throats are slashed. Eventually they find a single living crew member which turned out to be the Jangly Man. In his usual bravado he slings one last threat as he vows to kill the Starfinders. The Jangly Man chants some spell and brings to life some of the crew to attack our heroes, but once again, that rag tag group of scholars and adventurers prevailed. Once dispatching the remaining threats they flip the beacon to the “All Clear” message and find recordings and maps pertaining to the superweapon upon a thorough search of the Singularity and continue on their way to deal with the superweapon.

Return to Sender

In an effort to rescue the trapped star finders in the scoured stars, we stole a Jinsul ship. Upon powering up the ship, it automatically returns to a maintenance bay allowing us to enter.

Peering through the first window we find, the party find 2 Jinsul in the room. The group attempts to sneak into the room and attack the Jinsul. After defeating the Jinsul, we search the room and we discover an invisible torpedo. The group then proceeds to disable the armament on each of the 4 torpedos.

After advancing down the hall , the party first passes a door requiring a data card to enter. We continue down the hall until we find another door. As we enter, two inactive security droids stand about. When Kal approaches, both droids begin to activate. After taking care of the droids, we hack the computer and identify the location of a Jinsul fleet. We leave the room and continue down the hallway. We find a lab filled mostly with dead creatures. Sobok finds the last remaining innocent live creature and brutally murders it gaining some infamy with the star finders. We then find an elavator and move to the next floor.

Upon exiting the elavator, we come across large robot parts which look like they belong to a much larger robot like structure. The group enters the door at the end of the room. As the group enters the reactor room, we find a group of Jinsul proselytiznig. Upon seeing us, they immediate attack. Once all of the Jinsul are dispatched, Radizin arrives with a bomb. The group makes their way to an escape and just manage to avoid the blast as we leave the area.

Vault of Tales
Dead Suns

The new group that was called in moved forward. As they infiltrated the complex they found themselves in a room full of standing desks and facing off against an axe wielding warrior and two canine beasts. After a brutal battle with the creatures that the group won, they moved through the office and into a small chamber.

A metal shutter blocked the only way further in, it appeared, until the group discovered a secret door beside it in the wall. Using the door led the group to the final encounter, with three warriors, two wielding ordinary weapons while the leader on the balcony used an actual gun. The leader proved the most difficult, using Solarian powers to slow and hamper the group, but they managed to emerge victorious, defeating the creatures.

After they did, they scoured the numerous and disorganized records on the datapads within and discovered a wealth of information, including coordinates deep in the Vast that would lead to the Stellar Degenerator. With the knowledge that the Cult of the Devourer already had been here, the race was on, the group had to beat the them to the super weapon or the consequences would surely be disastrous.