Xanstin's Starfinder Society

Close to the Bone

Dead Suns

The group stands in the control room as an alarm sounds Gate begins to open showing the Stellar Degenerator. At the same time, an Eoxian Starship heads towards the Starfinders towards the control room. The group decides to hide outside in the tree line in hopes of stealing the ship. Once the ship lands, multiple squads exit and head into the control room leaving a few soldiers to guard the ship. The Starfinders are able to dispatch of the guards and take command of the ship before reinforcements arrive a head towards the rest of the fleet.

As they head towards the see Corpse Fleet Lead by the “Empire of Bones” as the fleet takes damage from the Stellar Degenerator’s defenses. The group heads out to join the fleet disguised as just another Eoxian ship. They manage to bluff their way to the Lead fleet ship into its hangar bay. Once the ship lands in the hangar Kal slips out invisible to sneak to the bridge to try to disable the camaras. Once entering the bridge, he trips a death ray and gets blasted. A random fighter gets his ship going and notices the large ship docked in the wrong bay and begins hailing the ship to decern its issue. The remaining crew unsuccessfully tries to mask its real purpose alarming the Eoxian ship to the farce.


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