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Dead to Rights

Dead Suns

The party enters what appears to be a tropy room. Waiting in the room are 3 horrors. After quickly dispatching the first, the group slowly hacks away at the other two and eventually bests both of them. T’sel detects that all four “Trophys”, magically in nature and the party begins to slowly examine and identify what they are. After 3 failed aattemps to open the trophy cases, the group manages to open and take an MK3 stone. The group then quickly heads over to and begins successfully hacking open the Command and Control doorway. Inside the party finds 3 rows of computer displays along with two more horrors, the ship captain and a science officer. The party has a bit of a difficult time overcoming the undead occupying the room but eventually manages to put all 4 down. The group than moves to the other door in the room and after a few tries, manages to open the door and they enter into what finally seems to be the ships bridge.
The computer controls are all occupied by zombies, but they appear to pay no attention to the group as it as they enter the room. Serovox greets the party as he is impressed we made it this far. After a little banter asking serovox a few questions, two horros enter the room and begin to attack along with the gatecrasher and Serovox. Serovox manages to trap Skykiller in a wall of force isolating him from the rest of the party. The party struggles during the battle and are fighting to stay alive. T’sel manages to free Skykiller and the group finally manages to defeat the admiral without loosing any lives.
With very little time remaining, Stardust directs the massive ship into the gate as the rest of the group manages to escape using the avaiable escape pods. Although there is not nearly enough oxygen to survive the return back, T’sels healing is enough to keep everyone alive as the gate is destroyed and the remaining 3 just barely are able to return.


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