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Mass Graves

Dead Suns

stardust.jpgKal has exited the ship into the hanger and gets blaster by a death ray. A small, fighter ship in the hangar is alerted to our intrusion and begins to point his hovering craft towards us. T’sel reacts quickly, blasting the ship with his phaser because the pilot has too much cover to effectively target. The vessel seems to absorb his energy beam. Stardust casts a spell and nanobots surround the fighter, granting the party attack and defense benefits. The battle continues and it’s not looking good for the Starfinders. The enemy craft is barely showing any damage and Stardust just got blasted by the vehicle’s heavy laser cannon. Kal and Lil’ Dicky pool their efforts to hack the systems to benefit our situation and have success in manipulating the crane to strike the fighter ship. T’sel gives us cover with a fog cloud as Stardust casts a spell of corrosive acid to melt the ship. Kal and Lil’ Dicky successfully breach the control panel firewall and engage the fighter auto-dock sequence and the ship moves into it’s hanger dock and corrodes rapidly as it’s held in place by the dock mechanism.

Kal and Dicky report that we need to access a different control panel to get information because this military ship has compartmentalized access. The group moves down a hallway stopping at the first door which Kal quickly hacks open. It’s hard to determine what the purpose of this room is. It’s almost a lair of some kind… our lack of knowledge about Eoxean culture doesn’t help much. Taking caution, the party leaves the room and moves further down the hall to the next room. Upon Lil’ Dicky hacking the door and it sliding open, it’s immediately obvious what this room is for. It’s the brig and the four cells within it are empty with their doors slightly ajar. Moving in, the group finds a handful of dead bodies near the guard desk area. It looks like some prisoners escaped and overcame the prison guards… but died in the struggle. While the Starfinders are investigating the area, the dead prisoners (dwarves, apparently) rise and mindlessly attack. Tough fight, but the undead dwarves succumb in the end. After looting the bodies, the boarding party continues down the hall.

The next room we enter seems to be some kind of garbage room so we pass it by and move on to the next. It’s locked, so Lil’ Dicky tries to hack it. Surprisingly, he has difficulty bypassing the security and it triggers a localized alarm. A doorway down the hall further flings open and four security robots pour into the hallway, much like liquid. They begin firing their laser rifles at us. Stardust charges forward and casts an Arcing Surge from her iPhone Lightning port. The robots seem to be vulnerable to the electricity as they begin to glitch from the surge. It’s too little too late, however, as energy beams from the robots rip through her armor and drop her unconscious. The group continues their hallway defense and begins taking out the security drones. T’sel, next to the door we were initially hacking, continues the circumvention and gains access to the door. As it slides open, a torture room is revealed that looks like a particularly nasty experience for any captives (which there are none). The torture master is in the room and he moves towards the door and begins attacking both T’sel and Lil’ Dicky. T’sel can hardly breath under the spell of some supernatural effect the torture master possesses. Kal scores a bullseye with his attack against the torture master and he staggers back in pain. Lil’ Dicky follow up with a lethal shot, killing the torture master while T’sel brings Stardust back to consciousness via his healing powers. The Starfinders don’t waste any time taking out the remaining robots and stack up around the next door.

As the door is opened, it looks like it’s a central control room of some kind. Cybernetic zombies are plugged into the computer panels all around the room. They don’t react to our presence so a thorough search of the control center ensues. T’sel finds a thumb drive behind a secret panel in the floor. It gives Kal access to the information he was looking for with no resistance to speak of. Moving on down the hall, the last door is opened revealing the commander of the Eoxean dreadnought. The frightening visage of the undead commander causes the Starfinders to tremble in fear. Stardust rushes in commanding that the commander join the Starfinders. As she approaches, the commander blasts Stardust right in the face with her pistols killing her point blank… no mercy. The party doesn’t need the science officer to win this fight though.. it’s still three on one and the TPK threat is low. Eventually, the commander is struck down via T’sel’s healing magic (which negatively affects undead). The group accesses the control podium and gets a detailed map of the massive ship (literally like 10 miles long). They tried to get a hidden file but didn’t have the technical skill and the thumb drive began purging itself. With the map, the group knows how to get to the control room. When they moved to the gravity train, they open the door to find some guards that immediately spring into action, attacking.


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