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Runaway Train

Dead Suns

00.0786.27.355.84 AUDIO LOG
[Transcription Begins]
Five down at the station before we boarded the train, they tired to fight, but their rifles weren’t enough, though one of those fuckers had nasty shots. Left me feeling real stiff…

I’m honestly not sure how this is going to turn out… might all die. We’ve got to fucking stop this weapon though, if these fucks get their hands on it… don’t even want to think on it.

Train ride was pretty intense, had trouble hacking the train to get it started, old OS I think, you already know that though… A moment before we got started another security train showed up.

Wasn’t a big deal though, I’m a better driver then these boners. Heh…. Fuck that’s a bad joke.

I must be exhausted…. Luce, if things look like their going poorly… well… you know the protocol, not sure why I’m bothering…

I really hope we don’t have too many more creatures to deal with before we can wrest control of this place. The three Ellicoth were fucking horrifying enough. Pretty sure I’m still sick from the radiation…

We managed to put them down though, now the alarms are blaring everywhere and well… not far to go now. This might be my last entry Luce….

Locked door ahead, should lead us to the control center of this warship, all that’s left to do is break in, take control and send this mile long missile into the super weapon, then maybe pray it’s enough.

[Transcription Ends]


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