Ellisar Dwin'anea

Elf Roboticist Technomancer


Age: 93
Height: 6’ 1’’
Weight: 154 lbs

Lanky and tall, this elf has clear signs of cybernetic augmentation with medium length dark hair and bright green eyes. His almond shaped eyes are wary and cunning, occasionally glowing with a blue light from his datajacked computer’s retinal display. His features are sharp but otherwise unremarkable, and he is rather aloof, speaking with a flat affect more often then not. He is razor thin, and moves with a calculated and careful grace.

He wears sturdy but lightweight tempweave clothes, made of a Castrovelian styled tunic and pants along with a long jacket that appears to have been repaired numerous times over the years. Small gyroscopic jets are built into his belt and boots, allowing him to fly when activated. Carrying a pack on his back full of tools and gear, he’s armed with an arc pistol strapped to his hip with an extra battery clipped to the holster and a tactical knife sheathed in a bandolier across his chest.


Theme: Roboticist
Homeworld: Castrovel

Born on Castrovel on the elven continent of Sovyrian, his parents were working middle class chemists. They managed to provide a good home for him and his two siblings. He was the youngest of three, his two older sisters both several decades older then him. He had a comfortable youth, going to school and socializing with peers. He wasn’t the most popular child, but he had a few close friends and was an excellent student.

As he studied he found he liked both magic and technology, but developed a special passion for cybernetics and robotics. He found there were not many in his local community that felt similarly and left home to continue his education. He spent years travelling across Castrovel, learning new things about technology and magic in equal measure. To pay for his travels he would spend a year or two working in repair shops for robots or ships or whatever local technology broke down the most in that particular area. He learned a great deal from the many different people across his homeworld.

His time with other species across Castrovel allowed him to outgrow his kin’s xenophobic conditioning, so he left his homeworld to explore the Pact worlds and learn even more. When he heard about the Starfinders he thought they would be a great way for him to see the universe and knew that he could put his skills to use.

Ellisar Dwin'anea

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