Morkly Vermesk

Vesk Mercenary Soldier


Morkly is the silent type of persona, very proud of himself, yet when he says something people turn and look at him. Born from a noble Vesk family, he rejected everything they stand for because he thinks they lost their blood way.


Born with 4 siblings, Morkly is the third of the line from the Vermesk family. This family endorse the pact world treaty as it help them grow their renown. At the age of 10, Morkly lost one of his best friend to a gang conflict, looking for support to his family, he realize their their lost appetite for combat as they try no negotiate with their circle of influence to resolve the issue. From that point on Morkly started to change, passing more time to attune is fighting skill, he left the family on Vesk-4 to find his way at absolum station at the age of 16.

Morkly Vermesk

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