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Season 1 Year of the Scoured Stars

The Starfinder Society is on the brink of ruin, having had to resort of mercenaries to maintain their hold on claimed planetoids, stellar regions, and archeological sites. After training to join a new cadre of Starfinders, it is up to you as a member of the Starfinder Society to help restore the organization. The Starfinder Society, with memories of the Scoured Stars incident still fresh, embarks on the quest to rebuild and discover the truth of what happened in the inaugural season: Year of Scoured Stars!

SFS01-00 Claim to Salvation
SFS01-01 The Commencement
SFS01-02 Fugitive on the Red Planet
SFS01-03 Yesteryear’s Truth
SFS01-04 Cries From the Drift
SFS01-05 The First Mandate
SFS01-06 A Night in Nightarch
SFS01-07 The Solar Sortie
SFS01-08 Sanctuary of Drowned Delight
SFS01-09 Live Exploration Extreme!
SFS01-10 The Half-Alive Streets
SFS01-11 In Pursuit of the Scoured Past
SFS01-12 Ashes of Discovery
SFS01-13 On the Trail of History
SFS01-14 Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
SFS01-15 Save the Renkrodas
SFS01-16 Dreaming of the Future
SFS01-17 Reclaiming the Time Lost Tear
SFS01-18 The Blackmoon Survey
SFS01-19 To Conquer the Dragon
SFS01-20 Duskmire Accord 9
SFS01-21 Yesteryear’s Sorrow
SFS01-22 The Protectorate Petition
SFS01-23 Return to Sender
SFS01-24 Siege of Enlightenment


Quest Into the Unknown | Part 2

Free RPG Day Adventures

Free RPG Day 2018 Skitter Shot

Adventure Paths


AP1 Incident at Absalom Station
AP2 Temple of the Twelve
AP3 Splintered Worlds
AP4 The Ruined Clouds
AP5 The Thirteenth Gate
AP6 The Empire of Bones


AP7 The Reach of the Empire

Modules Played

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